College Working Hours: 9AM - 4PM, Every first and third Saturday holiday.


The Department of ECE started functioning in the year 2010 with an intake of 60 students. Presently, the intake of students has been raised to 120. Knowledge enhancement is an incessant and never ending process in the department. No stone has been left unturned in the quest to provide infrastructure and facilities that are of the highest standards or comparable to the best anywhere. The department organizes guest lectures, workshops and conferences in order to keep pace with the rapidly growing newer technologies. The faculty members in the department are highly qualified and competent with their teaching, industrial and research experience. The department offers the following courses:

M.E. (Full time) Applied Electronics with an intake of 24 students


The Department is well equipped with sophisticated equipment and the students are trained to handle them with confidence, so that they can compete with the recent trends in the industry. All laboratories are modernized and varieties of trainer kits are provided in all the laboratories to conduct experiments. Well-qualified and experienced instructors train the students. The major laboratories are:


Circuits and Devices Lab is the primary Lab. Students learn experimentally the basics of electronic circuits & devices. Students are trained on analysis of passive, active elements and to find the characteristics of various amplifiers, oscillators under different configurations. In devices lab all the device characteristics are studied. In circuits lab, the basic circuits for amplifiers and oscillator are designed, fabricated and tested. The lab is equipped with Electronic workbenches, B2SPICE software for simulation. The lab has function generators with various ranges of frequencies, regulated power supplies and trainer kits to enable students to perform all experiments in analog and digital electronics.


The Digital System Lab is to impart extensive knowledge on basic gates, flip flops, different combinational and sequential circuits. It is one of the well-equipped laboratories. In this laboratory students gain practical knowledge in various areas such as Signal Processing, Image Processing, Control System etc., Students understand various concepts in signal processing by simulation in MATLAB 7.13 and implementation in TMS320C5X DSP Processors. The other important equipment include Signal Generators, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, analog and digital IC trainer kits.


Communication Laboratory is dedicated to modern communication systems for enlightening the students knowledge in-depth for the field of communication. This laboratory focuses on training the students in both analog and digital transmission/reception of signals. This lab is sophisticated with several trainer kits like amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, phase modulation and various digital communication techniques. This lab allows the students to understand various waveform coding schemes, base band transmission scheme, bandpass signaling schemes and error control coding schemes.


The fabled use of Microprocessor and Microcontroller in the field of Engineering is significant. Microprocessor lab is well equipped with 8085, 8086 microprocessor kits, 8051 microcontroller kit along with their peripheral devices like 8255,8259,8253,8251. Interfacing of peripheral modules like ADC, DAC, stepper motor and traffic controller are performed to demonstrate the detailed applications of microprocessors. MASM software is also available in this lab to perform 8051 experiments. In this lab course the students will come out with good ideas in writing ALP Programs in Microprocessors and Microcontroller.


It is obligatory for an Electronics and Communication Engineer to have practical experience in the linear and non-linear applications of Op-Amps, sequential and combinational circuits using Digital ICs. This Laboratory is equipped with advanced IC trainer kits, Op – amp trainer kits to expose the students to the design and analyse linear and digital circuits. All analog and digital IC related experiments can be carried out. The testers for IC are also available.


This Laboratory has been setup in collaboration with the CoreEL Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd to facilitate students in designing Standard Cells, High Level HDL Design, architecture and Synthesis of VLSI Circuits and Verification of VLSI Designs. This Laboratory is well equipped with software tools like XILINX ISE 13.3, EDK system generators, Mentor graphics HEP Category IC Design/ Custom IC Design tool, Mentor graphics HEP Category Design and Verification Test tool for physical verification.


Microwave and Optical laboratory is equipped with all the latest components in RF and optical field and also offers opportunity for the students to acquire practical knowledge in these areas. This laboratory is well equipped with RF components like Klystron Power Supply, Gunn Oscillator, PIN Modulator, Isolator, Attenuator, Frequency Meter etc. and Optical components like Optical Power Source, Fiber Optic Power Meter, Fiber Optic Trainer Kit, Laser Trainer Kit etc. Upon completion of this lab course, the students will be able to get knowledge in microwave devices and can analyse the multiport RF networks and microwave signals.


This Laboratory is highly sophisticated by the occupation of new HP systems with fully air-conditioned facility which are utilized by the PG students for exploring their ideas in Internal Projects. PSPICE Software Package, Microprocessor/ Microcontroller based system design kit, DSP based system design kit and other passive and active devices enable the students to do project in emerging areas. PIC microcontroller development board, TMS 320C6713 DSP starter kit with code composer studio, ARM7 LPC2148 -16 bit processor, CYCLONE II FPGA board and various interface cards expose the students to real time field study. This laboratory allows the students to learn the working principle of ARM processors and to implement its application in real time systems. In this lab course, students can formulate innovative projects using the available equipment.


    By creating an educational platform to meet the challenges of contemporary technologies and elevate the learners by generating research opportunities. Disseminate knowledge and provide state-of-the-art research facilities to ensure a hassle free métier for the students.


    Making platform for research through nexus with reputed organisations to mould and prune the professional competence of electronics engineers and expose them to core and inter disciplinary subjects in accordance with the contemporary science.


    Sl.No. Name Qualification Designation Specialization
    1 Dr.N. Nirmal Singh M.E., Ph.D. Professor & Head Computational Intelligence
    2 Dr.S. Anand M.E., Ph.D. Assistant Professor VLSI Design
    3 Mr.K. Vijayananth M.E., Assistant Professor Communication Systems
    4 Ms.J. Julie Antony Roselin M.E., Assistant Professor Computer and Communication Engg
    5 Ms.S. Thilagavathi M.E., Assistant Professor Digital Communication and Networking
    6 Mr.V. Ramanathan M.E., Assistant Professor Optical Communication
    7 Ms.S. Poornalekha M.E., Assistant Professor Communication Systems
    8 Ms.J. Vanitha M.E., Assistant Professor Communication Systems
    9 Ms.V. Anusooya M.E., Assistant Professor Optical Communication
    10 Mr.V. Ahmed Gani M.E.,(Ph.D.) Assistant Professor Applied Electronics
    11 Ms.A. Sesu Paulin Beula M.E., Assistant Professor Applied Electronics
    12 Mr.N. Anantha Eswaran M.E., Assistant Professor Communication Systems
    13 Mr.M.M. Vijay M.E.,(Ph.D.) Assistant Professor Applied Electronics
    14 Mr.C. Nagarajan M.E., Assistant Professor Applied Electronics
    15 Ms.A. Sasithradevi M.E., Assistant Professor Communication Systems
    16 Mr.L. Amutha Swami Nathan M.E., Assistant Professor Communication Systems
    17 Ms.A. Ruth Jency M.E.,(Ph.D.) Assistant Professor Wireless Technologies
    18 Ms.T. Sreeja M.E., Assistant Professor Applied Electronics
    19 Ms.S. Karthika M.E., Assistant Professor Communication Systems
    20 Mr.V.S. Prabhin M.Tech.,(Ph.D.) Assistant Professor Nanoscience and Technology
    21 Ms. Komala Vani Challa M.Tech., Assistant Professor VLSI System Design
    22 Mr.P. Vamshi Krishna M.Tech., Assistant Professor VLSI Design
    23 Ms.C. Gandhimathi M.E., Assistant Professor Applied Electronics
    24 Mr.K.S. Sugantha Baalan M.E., Assistant Professor Applied Electronics
    25 Ms.P. Priyadharsini M.E., Assistant Professor Embedded System


    Sl.No. Staff Name Qualification Designation
    1 Ms.A. Murugeshwari D.E.C.E. Lab - Technician
    2 Mr.J. Jeba Singh Moses D.E.C.E. Lab - Technician
    3 Mr.V. Michael Raja D.E.E.E. Lab - Technician
    4 Mr.A. Arun Veeramani D.E.C.E. Lab - Technician
    5 Mr.P. Palani D.E.C.E. Lab - Technician

    Sl.No. Date Title Guest
    1 15.09.2011 Applications Of Transforms in Signal Processing Dr.A.Shenbagavalli,M.E,Ph.D, Professor, Department of ECE, National Engg College, Kovilpatti.
    2 20.04.2012 MOU, Inaguration of Xilinx VLSI Lab and One day workshop on VLSI Design and Simulation

    1. Mr.M.K. Vidya Sagar, Zonal Manager, CoreEL Technologies. 2. Mr. M.S Damodara, Product Manager,CoreEL Technologies

    3 30.04.2012 One Day faculty training programme on "Zealtech workbench Technology"

    Mr. G.Manikandan(Managing Director), Mr.N.Rajesh(Design Engineer), Mr.S.Rajasekaran(Content Development Expert) Zealtech Electromec India Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore.

    4 25.02.2013 & 26.02.2013 Mentor Graphics Chiranth M.Patil, Field Application Engineer, CoreEL Technologies
  • FDP/Seminar/Workshop Attended

    Sl.No. Name of the Faculty Date Title Organized by
    1 S.Thilagavathi 12.12.2013 & 13.12.2013 Two days workshop on "Mathematical Modeling in Wireless sensor networks & Hands on training in OMNET++" Sathyabama University Chennai.
    2 C.Nagarajan 21.11.2013 & 22.11.2013 Two days workshop on "VLSI in network security" Cape Institute of Technology, Levingipuram.
    3 V.S.Prabhin 24.10.2013 & 25.10.2013 Two days Workshop on"Nanofabrication Technologies-2013" Indian Nanoelectronic Users Program, IIT Bombay Remote Centre: PSG Institute of Advanced studies
    4 J. Vanitha & A. Sasithradevi 4.10.13 & 5.10. 13 IGCAR sponsored Two days National Level Seminar on "Research Issues on Thermography" National Engineering College, Kovilpatti.
    5 V.Anusooya 26.9.2013 One day Technical seminar on "Nano volts to Giga Hertz" SSINETEC AUTOMATION, Thirunelveli
    6 V.Anusooya 4.6.2013 to 14.6.2013 Two Weeks Workshop on"Analog Electronics" IIT, Kharagpur. Remote Centre: St. Xavier's College of Engineering, Chunkangadai.
    7 Mr. M.M.Vijay 10.06.2013 to 22.06.2013 AICTE Sponsored Faculty Development Program on "Prevention of Cyber Crime using Network Security Methods" Francis Xavier Engineering College, Tirunelveli.
    8 Ms. S.Karthika 18.02.2013 & 19.02.2013 Two days Workshop on "Network Simulator" SNS College of Engineering, Coimbatore
    9 Ms.Komala Vani Challa 15.02.2013 Latest Trends in EDA for Communication, Electronics and VLSI Technology Government College of Engineering College, Tirunelveli
    10 Mr. M. Arinarayana Ayyappan 04.01.2013 & 05.01.2013 Two-day DRDO sponsored workshop on "Software Defined Radio and Cognitive Radio – An Academic, Industrial and Social Perspective" PSG college of Technology, Coimbatore
    11 Mr. V. S. Prabhin 27.11.2012 Hands-on- Worshop on "DSP Processors" Royal college of Engineering and Technology, Thrissur
    12 Mr. V. S. Prabhin 27.11.2012 One Day Worshop On "Scientific Computing Using Python Programming" Royal College Of Engg, Thrissur
    13 Mr. V. S. Prabhin 22.11.2012 to 24.11.2012 Workshop on "Graphical System Design platform for Teaching & Research using LabView" RNIELIT,Chennai
    14 Mr. V. S. Prabhin 10.11.2012 to 24.11.2012 Two days ISTE Workshop on "Akash for Education" IIT Bombay,Remote Centre: Royal College Of Engg, Thrissur
    15 Mr. V.K.U.Ahamed Gani 10.11.2012 to 24.11.2012 Two days ISTE Workshop on "Akash for Education" IIT Bombay Remote Centre: National College of Engineering, Maruthakulam, Tirunelveli
    16 Ms.V.Anusooya & Ms.A.Sasithradevi 14.09.2012 & 15.09.2012 Technical Seminar on " Speech and Audio Signal Processing" Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi
    17 Mr. V.K.U.Ahamed Gani 19.06.2012 One day National Level Seminar on "Advancements in Digital Information Sources and Services for Education and Research-ADISSER 2012" National College of Engineering, Maruthakulam, Tirunelveli
    18 Mr. V.K.U.Ahamed Gani 25.06.2012 to 04.07.2012 Two weeks ISTE workshop on "Introduction to Research Methodology" IIT Bombay Remote Centre:National College of Engineering, Maruthakulam, Tirunelveli
    19 Mr. M. Arinarayana Ayyappan 20.06.2012 to 22.06.2012 Three day workshop on "Advanced Antenna Design & Analysis Using ADS 2011 & EMPro 2011 " Agilent Technologies, Bangalore
    20 Ms. S.Thilagavathi 07.05.2012 to 20.05.2012 Two weeks Faculty Development Program "Rural communication : Challenges and computation in Bandwidth utilization" Selvam College of technology, Namakkal.
    21 Ms. S.Karthika 10.02.2012 One day seminar on "Opportunities And Challenges In Renewable Power Generation" Cape Institute of Technology, Levengipuram
    22 Ms. S.Karthika 27.01.2012 to 28.01.2012 Two days Workshop on "Digital Image Processing And Its Applications" (NLWDIPA-2012) Cape Institute of Technology, Levengipuram
    23 Ms.V. Anusooya 18.10.2011 Workshop on "Lectures on Scientific Communication" NIIT-OSA Student Chapter, Thiruchirapalli.
    24 Ms.A. Sasithradevi 27.08.2010 National level Seminar on "Recent Trends in Communication Technologies" Vellamal College of Engineering & Technology, Madurai.
    25 Ms.V. Anusooya 20.05.2010 & 21.05.2010 Skill Based Training Program on "Digital Signal Processing Design-LABVIEW" ICT Academy of Tamilnadu.
    26 Ms.S. Poorna Lekha 13.02.2011 & 14.02.2011 Two days National level Seminar on"Electronic System Design & Data Processing" Excel College of Engineering, Namakal.
    27 Ms.S. Poorna Lekha 26.08.2010 & 27.08.2010 Two days Workshop on "Teaching & Learning Engineering using LAB VIEW" Excel College of Engineering, Namakal.
    28 Ms.S. Poorna Lekha 24.07.2010 One day Workshop on "Advanced Electronic Test & Measuring Instruments" Excel College of Engineering, Namakal.
    29 Ms.S. Poorna Lekha 06.01.2010 & 07.01.2010 Two days Workshop on "DSP Embedded & VLSI Design" Excel College of Engineering, Namakal.
  • Professional Society

    Sl.No. Date Program / Function Chief Guest
    1 18.09.2012 IETE-Students Chapter Inauguration Prof.Dr.R. Santha Selvakumari, Chairman, IETE Subcentre-Sivakasi.
    2 01.02.2013 IETE-Students Chapter First Student's Day Celebration - Paper Presentation, Circuitix Principal / VVCOE (Felicitation)
  • Student Activities

    Sl.No. Name of the Student Date Place Event Prize
    1 S.Johnny Joel, A.Pothy 16.02.2013 Loyola Institute of Technology & Science, Thovalai Quiz First
    2 S.Johnny Joel, A.Pothy 13.02.2013 Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi Paper Presentation First
    3 S.Johnny Joel, A.Pothy, P.Gomathi Raj Kumar, T.Saiprabhu 28.02.2013 Government College of Engineering, Tirunelveli. Project Expo First
    4 S.Johnny Joel 28.02.2013 Government College of Engineering, Tirunelveli. Best Manager First
    5 S.Shunmuga Priya 05.03.2013 National Engineering College, Kovilpatti Paper Presentation Second
    6 S.Shunmuga Priya & N.Vijila 08.03.2013 Cape Institute of Technology, Levingipuram. Paper Presentation Third
    7 S.Shunmuga Priya & N.Vijila 04.09.2013 Rajas Engineering College, Vadakankulam Paper Presentation First
    8 N.Vijila 04.09.2013 Rajas Engineering College, Vadakankulam Circuit Debugging First
  • Industrial visits

    Sl.No. Date Name of the Organization Participants Batch
    1 26.08.2011 ISRO,Mahendragiri II ECE Students 2010-2014
    2 20.09.2012 ISRO,Mahendragiri II ECE Students 2011-2015
    3 30.09.2012 & 01.10.2012 Doddabetta Tea Factory & Radio Astronomy Centre, Ooty III ECE Students 2010-2014
    4 02.08.2013 & 03.08.2013 ACE Electronics Components pvt Ltd, Mysore III ECE Students 2011-2015
    5 08.08.2013 & 09.08.2013 ACE Electronics Components pvt Ltd, Mysore IV ECE Students 2010-2014
    6 17.9.2013 NPCIL, Kudankulam II ECE Students 2012-2016
  • Implant Training

    Sl.No. Date Name of the Organization Participants
    1 10.06.2013 to 14.06.2013 Vi Microsystems Pvt.Ltd., Chennai M.Ramakrishnan(IV ECE)M.Selva Ganapathi(IV ECE), M.Linga Manikandan Santhosh(IV ECE), S.Dinesh Kumar(IV ECE), J.Ajis Glinton(IV ECE)
    2 10.06.2013 to 14.06.2013 Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Tirunelveli R.Gowri Maheswari(IV ECE), M. Nithya, M.Kannagi(IV ECE), A.Chitra Jeyavathy(IV ECE), L.Bala Saranya Devi(IV ECE), A.Rasammal(IV ECE), J.Jenifer Shopana(IV ECE), M.Kalaivani(IV ECE), J.Suvitha(IV ECE), A.Sivakalai(IV ECE), J.Jerlin Mano(IV ECE), R.Sharmi Easwari(IV ECE), K.Samyutha(IV ECE), N.Augustia(IV ECE)
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  • Books Published by Faculty Members

    Amitava Chatterjee, Anjan Rakshit and N. Nirmal Singh “Vision based Autonomous Navigation of Mobile Robots: Algorithms and its Implementation” Computational Intelligence series, Springer Publisher, 2013.

    J.Jayakumari,V.Anusooya, T.K. Sreeja “Basic Eletronics Engineerng”, ISBN : 978-81-8472-203-1, 2nd edition, Anuradha Publications, 2013.